Looking back
Michael Albrecht
  born 1964, married to Marion Albrecht, three grown-up kids, living and working in Erlangen, Germany

Art and Cultural Projects, selected Exhibitions

2023 „Thanks for all the fish“, Unterleinleiter, Germany
2023 „Ojos abiertos“ Cultural Art Work from Peru and Turkey, Fotos, Bistumshaus Bamberg, Germany
2023 „Silent whisper“, Kethüda Hamam, Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey
2021 „Spuren“, Open house, Erlangen, Germany
2020 Museum of Contemporary Art „CAM Pandemic Art” virtual exhibition, Casoria, Napoli, Italy
2019 Museo Contemporaneo Cusco, Peru
2019 KAUSASHAYKUN 5 Weeks cultural project in the Andes, Identity and Culture in Globalization. Ccatca, Cusco, Peru
2015 International Painting Symposium “AT THE OLD MULBERRY TREE I. 2015” Iža, Slovakei
2014 Stari Most in Montenegro, Waterwheel in natural Materials
2014 My dreams photographs- and Cyanotypy-project Fürth, Germany
2010 Stari Most International Symposium of Arts, Bijelo Polje, Montenegro Video of the Symposium
2008–2011 acht.achtTheatre workshops in schools: Awareness raising against right wing extremism in Cooperation with Agentur Kunstdünger Nürnberg
2009 The Prophet Kohelet: Land Art-Projectin Innervillgraten, Austria
2009 Maison International, Rennes, France Videos: Paintings and Music
2007 Workshops, Exhibitions and lectures „Artist in Residence“ at Northwood University in Cedar Hill / Texas, Midland Midland/ Michigan and West Palm Beach / Florida, USA
2006-2013 Ancestral Historical Project „My good Uncle Karl – SS-Obersturm-führer?“ Workshops and lectures

Education and Jobs

seit 2014 Pastoral work for students of Religious Didactics at the University in Nuremberg
seit 2011 Pastoral work as Chaplain at the Universities in Nuremberg
2005–2007 Consulting change management in the Archdiocese
2000 – 2014 Elected Scouts chaplain DPSG im Schwabachgrund
1998-2014 Pastoral Youth work in Erlangen
1993-1998 Pastoral work "Heilige Apostel" parish in Erlangen
2005–2006 Studies economy and business
1991–1993 Studies Philosophy University Bamberg, working as Carpenter
1988-1991 Studies Catholic Theology University Bamberg Thesis: "The Religious in Rockmusic"
1986-1988 Educational work with streetkids in Cochabamba, Bolivia
1984-1986 Studies Catholic Theology University Würzburg